Once upon a time,
Jonathan Basil Medwid
(860) 416 - 0993

I began painting on sidewalks & busy street sides in Boston & towns south of Boston. I set out in the early morning & did not return home until dark. I even worked in the rain under an umbrella & often at night beneath a lantern. 

My work is to inspire the imagination, to be comforting & thought provoking, to be haunting yet familiar, to be perfectly imperfect, honest & child-like.

I chose the road less traveled & it has made all the difference, since life, in spite of everything, is like a fairy tale to me...

About Me

A graduate of Suffield Academy in 1996, I am originally from West Suffield, CT. While receiving a liberal arts degree from Wesleyan University, I focused my studies on English, psychology, architecture, and the studio arts. I have been painting ever since...