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Gobtimus Prime

Gobtimus Prime!!!!

To see pictures and learn more about this Transformer Turkey, please click on the link located in the menu to the left.

Autobots, Transform and roll out!

Once upon a time... 
I began my career painting on sidewalks & busy street sides in towns south of Boston & in Boston. I set out in the early morning & did not return home until dark. I even worked in the rain under an umbrella & often at night beneath a lantern before restaurants & cafes. My mission was to make my Art a real life fairy tale.
Very bright & intense colors draw an emotional response from the primitive brain, the limbic system of the right hemisphere. They induce an emotional reaction to color by activating the visual portion of our brains: the imagination. Exaggerated lines & forms help suggest a world of imagination & mystery. My style is the suggestion of a message, the central theme that defines my Art. My work is to inspire the imagination, to be comforting & thought provoking, to be haunting yet familiar, to be perfectly imperfect, honest & child-like.
I believe that there is nothing in life more real, true, or honest than our Art, nothing in life more powerful or inspiring than the potential of our creative imaginations. Creativity, is after all, what makes the world sparkle. This is the road less traveled, & it does make all the difference. Since life, in spite of everything, is like a fairy tale.

Please feel free to spend some time visiting my gallery. This is a functioning e-commerce web-site that is updated very often with new work and products featuring my original Artwork. For your convenience, you may purchase my products directly through the links provided, but to purchase an original piece, you must contact me directly.